Thu. Nov 14th, 2019

Quindim, quiche or quesito? How is Android Q known as?

Generally, as a know-how journalist, it’s important to ask very tough questions: Are cell telephones answerable for mind most cancers? Does somebody actually need a S pen? And naturally, which Google dessert will it title the subsequent model of Android?

At Digital Developments, we’re not afraid of those issues, however the alphabet makes issues tough this time round. We had a whole lot of options on what might grow to be Android P, though they had been all mistaken. Whereas pumpkin and pecan varieties had been on the record, an extraordinary previous pie by no means reached us.

We love each the letter Q – and the Star Trek character from elsewhere – that we’re not overloaded with dessert prospects that begin right here. Right here's what we've acquired to date for the doable names, with a likelihood rating of 1 in 10 because the lowest and 10 in 10 as the best.


Chance: 1/10

That is maybe one of many first meals we take into consideration once we discuss in regards to the letter Q, however why would Google grow to be salty now? He would possibly as nicely select quinoa or quesadilla, though quiches use a minimum of one dough and typically have candy toppings. We don’t assume it will likely be that one. Everybody is aware of that one of the best quiches are the Lorraine selection, with bacon and cheese, that are actually not desserts.


Chance: 2/10

The Nesquik chocolate milk initially known as Nestle Quik and Google has already opted for model hyperlinks, however nobody actually calls it Quik, so it's an extended shot. As well as, GoPro has already taken the title Quik for its video modifying software program.

High quality Avenue

Chance: three/10

The British will likely be aware of the High quality Avenue model: a field of individually wrapped candies, toffees, and different treats, however that is in all probability not identified sufficient in america to be taken into consideration. They began in 1936 in England however Nestle acquired the model in 1988. The very best purple – caramel hazelnuts – are one of the best, however they’re nonetheless shortly extracted, leaving you with caramel beneath handles and these inexperienced triangles.

Quaker Oats

Chance: 2/10

Earlier than laughing at it, take into account that you should use Quaker Oats to make oatmeal cookies or put fruit and honey in it. We additionally assume that Android 10 Quaker Oats seems like an excellent post-apocalyptic sci-fi film.


Chance: three/10

These cute pastries appear to have the ability to do the enterprise. These are pastry puff pastries and sugar-coated, however they’re normally full of cheese and served at breakfast. They could be flavored with vanilla or comprise fruit, in order that they will need to have an opportunity to succeed.


Chance: four/10

We had not heard of this Brazilian dessert earlier than, however a minimum of it’s a dessert. Comprised of sugar, coconut and eggs, these scrumptious yellow rings look engaging.


Chance: three/10

The quince fruit seems to be extra like a pear and is normally made into jelly or jam. It’s usually utilized in desserts, however it’s truly a tough and acidic fruit, so we don’t assume it will likely be that one.

Queen of Puddings

Chance: 1/10

Terribly British pudding (dessert) consisting of custard, cake, jam (jelly) and meringue that was in all probability not seen in america and due to this fact not possible to be accepted by Google. That may additionally make a silly title, however we guess you need to attempt it now, you understand it exists.


Chance: 1/10

This pastry or Iranian cake is filled with almonds and nuts and is sprinkled with sugar. Nevertheless, it’s normally Ghotab in English and appears to be an unlikely candidate, though scrumptious.


Chance: 2/10

These are well-liked Portuguese cupcakes that may be scented in several methods, however we don’t assume they’re well-known in america to compete and that pronunciation might be an issue.


Chance: three/10

Though these shortbread cookies, normally full of floor almonds, are just a little higher identified than our final entry, they don’t seem to be so widespread past the Mediterranean and the pronunciation will discourage most People.

As you possibly can see, we’re struggling right here. Do you have got any options for Android Q? Possibly Google will bypass it utterly and go on to one of the best identified dessert of humanity: the rhubarb crumble.

Though Google has not but launched the title of the subsequent model, now you can get well the beta model of Android Q and see how it’s constructed.

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